Mommy's Lil Precious

By: Daniel and Dania

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Daniel's Big 3

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Pictures by MyShots Photography.

Thanks to our guests that made it to Daniel's Big 3. Here's the picture gallery uploaded by Mdm Photographer.

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Epi Beday Cik Bedah

My babies fueling up
Birthday lady
Beautiful cuppies
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Potluck sempena ulang tahun Unyang... yang ke-berapa eh? Hosted by no other but the one & only anak bohungsu nenek, Miss Maliza. The theme was blue & pink. We had so much fun! The food was yummy delicious, varieties from durian, tempoyak to cupcakes. It's a good feeling to see the smile on Unyang's face. Hope she had fun as much as we did! Of course she did... with all the presents, who wouldn't?!
Semoga ALLAH panjangkan umur Unyang dan dikurniakan kesihatan yang sempurna, rezeki yang murah serta kebahagiaan di dunia dan di akhirat kelak. Amin.

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Double Celebration

Zafreen in her shades
Big bro Daniel
Table decor
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Wednesday, 9-Jul-2008 04:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A Surprise Birthday Cruise for Atok on his 60th Birthday

Diner's Lounge where all the guests gathered
Kelah the cruise
The boat that we had dinner on
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Mommy's speech for Atok: My appreaciation to MCA for the great help!

To the world, especially the world of education, he is known as D*** P*** D* Hj. Abdul Razak Salleh. But to me, he is AYAH my most beloved father. So today, as his only daughter, I would like to share with all of you the other side of this man as seen by me ¬the man that he is, the husband to my mother, the grandfather to my children.

Ayah was born on June 2nd 1948, so that makes him sweet 60 this year. For as long as i can remember, he has always been called Aseh. I never really knew why, but now that I am a mother myself, I can only imagine that his mother must have doted on him so much that she called him her Kasih, which eventually shortened to Aseh. This is how I would like to think. I am very sure Ayah must have been an adorable child, I am sure.

Now I often wonder how Ayah was as a teenager? Growing up in the 60's, then, I envision him as a slim built young man, with his hair neatly combed, wearing his yanky pants and carefully ironed checked shirt. And don't forget his glasses. I can picture Ayah as a quiet, shy studious young man, a non assuming young chap, until someone hits the right chord. And I mean literally the right chord. I mean who doesn't know Ayah and his passion for music which I am so glad that he carries to this day. Personally, I think Ayah has an interesting voice. If not for his greater love for numbers and the fuzzy grouppoid, I am sure he would put Cliff Richard to shame. Waaay to go, Ayah!

But surely his greater love, even above his music must be Mama, his beloved wife D**** Razmah. Sama rendah, sama saiz, bagai pinang dibelah dua, Mama complements Ayah perfectly. Their love affair goes a long way even from Ayah's study years. I can see now Ayah strumming his guitar and calling out O'Razmah; instead of O'Fatimah.

But it would not be complete to talk about Ayah if I didn't mention his career as a Professor in Maths. I often see the deep respect by his colleagues and students here for him. Ayah is a soft spoken man, but he would not tolerate anything less then top performance from his students. When he puts on his 'Prof' cap, his presence demands respect from all around him. His words are few, carefully and thoughtfully chosen.

Yet despite all that, everyone knows Ayah is a simple man at heart, who has never forgotten that it is the simple things in life that means most to him ¬his family, his music, his jokes, his zest for life.

So on this special occassion, I would like to wish my dearest beloved Ayah Happy Birthday. Thank you for being the best father I can ever hope to have and last but not least thank you so much Ayah, with all of our hearts... and more!!

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ANSARA Bowling Interbatch

Daddy & Daniel
Daniel on his horse ride
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ANSARA Jasin held an interbatch bowling tournament and this year mommy's batch managed to send in a team. Daddy's batch won the tournament last 2 years. So mommy thought that this time around, the champion would be from her batch instead... and lucky coincidence our team had an import, a hustler that has just won a champion league axa i.e. as what the team shouts as 'bini arop'. There were 12 teams. As usual the 88s were the dominator who sent in a batch of 3 teams. Have said they had more chances in winning... and they did! Our batch turned out to be at the 3rd place. Okaylah tu! I personally as the team manager (ehem) was very proud of my players. Thanks guys for the fun and memorable day out. Kita cuba lagi di tahun2 mendatang untuk merangkul pulang piala pusingan tu yer!

After bowling, we met for the AGM (which stands for Annual General Meeting @ Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan yer tuan puan). It was time to dissolute the previous committee and to incorporate the new one. It was a privilege for me as a committee member to have worked with the enthusiastic team of prestigious seniors (& juniors) for the past 2 years. They were the most meticulous team i have ever worked with! Thank you all for having and above all trusting me to be part of the committe. I apologize for all the MIAs and anything that may have offended any of you. Special respect & thanks from me to Mr. President, Aziph Mustafa, Razam, Doc. Asri, Sis Roliza, Kamarul, Helmi (and many others) for the great company! Congratulations to the new elected committee members! May you guys be as committed as the previous ones!

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